June 20, 2021

The On-Going Debate Among Gen Z, Phone or PC?

Technology has become a faithful partner of humans. Being up to date with technology is crucial to surviving in the modern world. The advancement of technological developments in the late ’90s led to humans evolution in technology usage. For instance, a young child can easily operate a tablet, whereas their parents and grandparents find it difficult to use. A conclusion can be made that humans are comfortable adapting to technology as it makes their lives easier. Thus, technology has become mainstream in the world.

Youth born between 1997 – 2010 are categorized as Generation Z. Gen Z has the upper hand in understanding technology and heavily relies on it. Past generations didn’t have the internet at their fingertips, the way newer generations do. Today millennials and Gen Z have the ability to Google the answer to just about any question imaginable. Gen Z has grown hand-in-hand with mobile phones, the internet, YouTube, and social media. Gen Z usually prefers mobile phones rather than PCs. A new mobile phone launched on the market will be quick to grab the attention of Gen Z rather than a PC.

According to Statista, Gen Z uses mobile devices much more than PCs or laptops. For instance, 91% of Gen Z used mobile phones to watch videos or visited video-sharing sites, whereas 62% used their PC or laptop to access such sites and watch videos. Furthermore, 80% of Gen Z used mobile phones to purchase or visited products from online shopping services like Amazon. Apart from this, the favorite pastime of Gen Z is using streaming services like Netflix or YouTube. On average, 70% of the Netflix accounts belonged to Gen Z, suggesting binge-watching on streaming services is a favorite hobby of the generation.

Gen Z prefers using mobile phones rather than PCs. According to Gen Z, mobile phones are compact and are capable of being used as more than just a phone. Nowadays, mobile phones also double as cameras, music players, digital libraries, and more. The mobile interface is much more appealing to the group, rather than a laptop. Furthermore, Gen Z feels insecure without their mobile phones. Due to their compactness and a mobile internet connection, the ease of carrying it, and using it when in need, Generation Z has everything they need in the palm of their hand. Therefore it can be inferred that mobile phones are the chosen device of Gen Z.

Some common questions asked on this topic:

What does Gen Z use to complete their virtual work?
Gen Z usually prefers an effective method rather than a faster method to achieve tasks. For instance, Gen Z would prefer mobile phones to solve quizzes, whereas creating a document-based assignment is preferred on laptops or PCs.

Are tablets more common or desktop computers?
According to Pew Research Centre, tablets are more common than desktops as average American teens prefer iPads. Laptops are preferred by Gen Z rather than Desktops.

What are some statistics behind Gen Z digital device and OTT usage?
Statista suggests that 32% of Gen Z have one OTT video subscription, whereas 65% of Gen Z have four OTT video subscriptions. Suggesting OTT usage is quite high in the Gen Z population.

Are there any specific activities where they prefer one over the other?
Gen Z prefers in-person contact and therefore prefers activities that involve in-person socialization, like going to restaurants or playing sports. Furthermore, Gen Z tends to be group-oriented rather than doing activities alone in isolation.

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