February 24, 2021

Marketing To Generation Z

Gen Z is changing the marketing world in unimaginable ways from the last few years, and in this write-up, we discuss all the possible aspects of the same.
First of all, who is Gen Z?
Gen Z is the newest, most advanced generation covering everyone born between 1997 to 2010. They comprise up to 32% of the world’s population. This fresh generation is the most digitally active one as they had never seen a time when high-tech gadgets like mobile phones, tablets, computers, and even the Internet did not exist.

What sort of experiences work with Gen Z?
Considering that the attention span of Gen Z is only about eight seconds, the initial impression counts the most. Grabbing their attention right in the beginning is crucial while marketing to Gen Z. Other than that, to create a wonderful experience for the emphasis should be laid on the loyalty and authenticity of the brand. Gen Z also expects engagement from the brand, as 76% state that brands should address their concerns and feedback as it is the determining factor of the brand’s reliability.

What’s the ideal content for them?
Gen Z fancies visual communication more than anything, particularly if it is quick to consume, considering their short attention span. They enjoy and are more likely to engage with your brand if you promote visual content such as graphics, videos, GIFs, and so on. It would be best if the content is fun to watch, not very time-consuming, relatable, and is curated purposefully. Besides, creating user-generated content works like magic when your target audience is Gen Z. It may include various types of social media activities like competitions based on Snapchat/Instagram with filters, crafting interesting polls, hosting quizzes, promoting hashtags, and so on.

Is privacy something to consider when marketing to Gen Z?
Highlighting your dedication towards privacy is a must when marketing to this smart generation. As a matter of fact, a survey conducted by NGen reveals that 88% of Gen Z states that privacy is of great significance to them. They understand how the Internet works and its potential of invading their personal information, which raises their bar with respect to privacy policies. So, whenever you as a brand require access to their personal information, it is best to do it with complete transparency while highlighting their data’s safety and security. You can read more in-depth about Gen Z and data privacy in a past article.

How does Gen Z respond to influencer marketing?
An influencer report revealed by The Morning Consult suggests that 50% of Gen Z trusts the branding recommendations given by influencers, particularly the micro-influencers, majorly because the young customers relate more to them instead of high-class celebrities. Collaborating with active and creative influencers whose target audience is Gen Z is an excellent way to make successful ad campaigns and create a deeper connection between the brand and consumers. In this way, influencers can help in targeting Gen Z efficiently and achieve the highly needed social proof and faith in your brand.

After recognizing the new marketing trends that have flourished in the past few years, it is fair to say that Gen Z has truly transformed the picture of marketing. Connect with Genzup on social media @genzupglobal to stay in touch with these trends and all-things Gen Z.

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