December 23, 2021

Last Minute Gift Ideas For Gen Z

Despite knowing that Christmas falls on the same day every year, Gen Z at times, or most of the time, gets caught up and misses out on preparing for presents. Life happens and gets in the way of making your shopping plans get a rain check. Well, this year you don’t have to apologize for doing last-minute shopping and then ending up with gifts that may not be suitable for your secret Santa. Allow us to share some thoughtful last-minute finds, all selected with Gen Z in mind.

Feel at home with scented candles
Scents are always known to have an impact on our memory which is why we feel nostalgic while wearing certain perfumes. Keeping that in mind, for your friends who are far away from home and can’t travel to meet their loved ones, a special scent may be an affective remedy to the justifiable home sicknesses one can experience during this holiday season. Maybe a country-centric scent, something which takes them down a memory lane and bring them home. As far as last-minute Christmas gifts go, this is a rather thoughtful one.

Stay connected with a GoPro recorder
Vlogging is the new trend among Gen Z and we see a lot of them also playing the role of social media influencers. Therefore, buying a new age pro recorder for such a friend or family member is an interesting gift. This will not only help them stay connected with people far and wide but also help them share their experience of the holidays in 2021. So search for some trending brands and don’t wait up to order the best one.

Let them feel the warmth – literally!
Gen Z is always involved in multiple things at a time. Wouldn’t it be a luxury to have warm coffee no matter how long it’s been sitting there? Any gift guide would be incomplete without this accessory. It’s a perfect gift because of the 36% of Gen Z that drink coffee cold due to the effort it takes to warm it back up. Order a mug warmer and allow your peers to experience relief, comfort, and never miss out on their coffee no matter how long they let it sit in.

Foot massage anyone?
We often see Gen Z looking forward to a break and then end up needing another break to recover from the existing break. An empathetic approach is needed to help Gen Z strike out some time for a home-based foot care tool. Studies also reveal that foot stimulation can reduce pain and psychological distress like depression and anxiety. This could be a great last-minute gift idea and it will allow for a relaxing experience while in the comfort of one’s own bedroom.

Get your crisps, the light way
One of the hottest and most intriguing items among Gen Z is probably an air fryer. If you are still wondering what to get for someone who loves creative recipes from TikTok, experimenting, and fried food, go on and order that air fryer and let them instantly feel like a chef. The best thing about air fryers is that they don’t take up too much space and can be stored in a corner neatly. Let your taste buds go gaga as you try making some delicious healthy items at home.

All these items are featured in a way that they can meet different needs for Gen Z and no matter which one you opt for, it will reflect how much you care for the recipients of these gifts.

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