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January 4, 2021

Genzup Launches Top 20 Under 20 Recognition Program

Genzup’s focus has been on bringing change that does not only matter, but lasts. As a leading advocate and supporter of youth Gen Z in Canada, Genzup has launched Canada’s Top 20 Under 20 Achievement program which focuses on emerging young leaders and advancing professionals who also have a profound ability to turn potential into success.

Understanding that transformative talent is not limited to executive levels, our program focuses on individuals under the age of 20 who are tackling issues including mental health stigma, diversity and inclusion, unemployment, and much more, by translating their leadership and commitment into localized solutions.

Individuals are recognized based on their trailing 12-month avocation and production of solutions, community involvements, social leadership, business, and academic ventures. Nominees are high achievers who are determined and passionate about building the communities of the future. Genzup Top 20s are extracurricular leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, researchers, and artists who are each making a difference in their industry and in the community.

We aim to celebrate these talents and provide an opportunity to our young leaders by preparing them with opportunity, and credentials to successfully progress in their ventures with special benefits including:

• Career-long connections with a peer network of recipients and youth leaders.
• Recognition during the virtual T20U20 National Celebrations Ceremony on February 26th, 2021.
• Genzup Top 20 Under 20 Achievement badge for personal websites and social media platforms including LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and more.
• Individual profile on Genzup’s website and social media platforms that showcases their other achievements and talents.

In keeping with ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, our virtual manifesto allows us to celebrate winners on a digital platform, with involvements from diverse and successful nationwide partners and participants. Top 20 Under 20 Advisory Board, which comprises 16 respected and experienced leaders from across Canada, will virtually meet to select the Honorees from a shortlist put together by the Genzup Selection Committee. A call for nominations has been out and will close on January 31, 2021, which are estimated to garner nominations from across Canada. All interested parties are invited to visit T20U20.com for more information or to submit a nomination.

“We will be proud to honor this year’s Top 20 Under 20 achievement honorees, a community of outstanding young leaders with their voices and talents taking charge of progress in their communities and beyond,” said Hammad Khan, Chief Operating Officer at Genzup. “Our organization recognizes the strength and potential young people have and we hope that the Top 20 Under 20 award will empower and motivate other young people to make a lasting impact – in not only Canada but the entirety of the world.”

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